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The Philly Natural Hair Meetup Group was established in 2012 by Kemi Balogun as a means to educate newly transitioning Naturals on how to maintain and care for their hair.  As the hair culture shifted and natural hair became more widely acceptable many men and women started to embrace their natural curls and coils and were in search of new styling options and others who where also transitioning. As a stylists servicing clients who had so many questions regarding "going natural",  Kemi decided to create an event where natural enthusiasts could come together and share hair transitioning experiences. An event where she could offer hair care tips and tricks for both salon and at home styling so naturalists would feel more comfortable embracing their natural hair. Hence, the Philly Natural Hair Meetup was created! 


The Philly Natural Hair Meetup has grown from that small group of 30 attendees back in 2012 to just over 200 in attendance in 2015.  With amazing past donors such as Miss Jessies, Shea Moisture, Kinky Curly, and Curl Kit participating in this annual event, the Philly Natural Hair Meetup has continued to be successful in bringing natural hair care products in to the hands of it's main constituents, and offering so many attendees the opportunity to try and love some awesome products made just for them! 


Kemi Balogun's dream to educate other brown girls like her on the beauty, flexibility and uniqueness of their individual tresses, is what keeps her organizing, hosting and personally sponsoring this event annually.  


"It's nothing like having an event, created for us, by us and that focuses on the current hair trends and that offers attendees hands on demos and allows them to ask questions and share experiences with one another. That's what I wanted with this event and every year I'm never disappointed! ~ "Kemi Balogun"

Creator: Kemi Balogun

Est. Sept. 2012 

"We want Naturals to embrace their hair and love their curls"



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