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Kemi Balogun (Ms. Vixen Hair) is the Owner and Head Stylist of Philadelphia based salon, Vixens Hair Studio.  Growing up in Washington DC, Kemi spent her early years braiding, loc'ing  and weaving hair, creating styles that where both unique and creative.   Professionally trained at Dudley Cosmetology University in Washington DC and Empire Beauty Academy, Kemi's passion for all things hair and her adeptness as an artist is unmistakably innate.  


Whether crafting creative loc styles, prepping runway ready hair, or styling photoshoot & media printed photographs, Kemi's diversity as a well rounded stylist has given her a reputation as your all in one stylist! 


Natural Hair Enthusiast and creator of Vixens Hair Studio's "Dare to Grow Natural" product line, Kemi B. is building her brand to not only include amazing hair styling but natural hair care products to enhance the quality an flexibility of at home styling.


As an Educator, Kemi B. has been a guest presenter/trainer for events such as the Philadelphia Natural Hair Show, 2013, 2014 & 2015, International Natural Hair Meetup 2014, she has hosted and presented at the Philly Natural Hair Meetup 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015.  She has developed a number of trainings from her famous Loc Extensions techiniques, to Natural Hair Styling at Home.  Kemi B. and her team conduct trainings for licensed stylists and natural hair enthusiast, teaching natural hair care and styling techniques during  yearly tours throughout the country. Kemi B. is dedicated  to continued learning and furthering education as styles change daily and she is a strong believer in knowledge is power! 


" It is my goal, not to only give amazing hair styling service, but to educate clients and consumers on proper hair care and create affordable products that every man and woman can use to create their own unique personal style"  ~~ Kemi B. 



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